What is Web 2 SMS 237 ?

Web 2 SMS 237 allows you to communicate in a professional and efficient manner with your customers in complete security. You can use the SMS API for automatic notifications to your users. Whether you are a bank, a school, or a business of all other activities ..., Web 2 SMS 237 adapts perfectly to your communication needs.

SMS Marketing

Carry out your advertising campaigns, send SMS to inform your customers about your products and services ...

SMS Gateway

Add the SMS sending functionality to your application (information system), by connecting it to our secure web API.


With your sender name, your messages are authentic and it is not possible for a third party to impersonate your identity.

Bulk SMS

In an instant, broadcast personalized messages (unique for each recipient) to thousands of people.

Amazing features !

In addition to being simple and intuitive, your Customer Area contains powerful features to better assist you in your daily work. Create your account and log in to use them.
Contact management
Save your contacts, Import thousands of contacts from an Excel file, Create contact groups.
Online payment
Top up your account online using electronic payment methods: Orange Money, MTN Mobile Money, EU Mobile Money and PayPal
SMS programming
Schedule the sending of messages, Set the sending of SMS at the future time you want.
Sender name
Customize the name of the message sender. Use your name, your phone number, the name of your company ...

Manage prospects and customers at scale

Retarget old customers with Second Chance offers and reach new audiences with targeted campaigns during peak hours.

Our standard prices

Our prices adapt to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if a large volume is necessary, a reduction is possible.
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Classic SMS

7 FCFA per SMS

  • No Sender Name
  • Web customer area
  • SMS API access
Popular Choice

Premium SMS

12 FCFA per SMS

  • Customizable sender name
  • Web customer area
  • SMS API access